After witnessing a marvelous live performance by incredible tap dancers, freckle-faced Tappi Shuffle experiences an uncontrollable desire to tap her way into stardom.  But first Tappi needs those shiny shoes to begin her journey.

Determined to fulfil her dream, little Tappi tries her very best to make  “shiny black tap shoes” so she too can dance like the famous “Tippity Tappity” dancers she saw on the big stage.

Tappi’s creativity leads her to a series of misadventures in her Daddy’s workshop, her baby brother’s room, and even mommy’s kitchen, only to find out that nothing was working. Tappi's Mommy, however, comes to the rescue and gives Tappi a big birthday “surprise”.

From children’s book author Victoria Lee, Tappi Shuffle’s Shiny Black Tap Shoes is a colorful, visually-arresting book that transports children in a whimsical joyride into the world of tap dancing. An oddity in the ballet-dominated genre, Ms. Lee’s work is a welcome breath of fresh air, as well as an excellent way to introduce children to a true American art form.

"Great learning tool for young would be dancers, a wonderful book with excellent art work", legendary tap instructor, Charles Kelley


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